After a string of teasingly warm days it’s raining today and fall feels like it’s here to stay. We’re shifting our focus from the mad rush of hiking as many miles as possible to carefully putting all that data together to create some beautiful maps. Spending more time in the office means we finally have time to address some of the projects that have been on the to-do list for months. This blog being one of them. We want to bring you behind the scenes here at Cairn Cartographics and share pictures, tell trip stories, and discuss wilderness-related issues or events. Most of all we hope to inspire you to get out and explore some of the wild and beautiful places here in Western Montana or beyond. Check back soon for updates!


2 thoughts on “Revival

  1. Cindy Robertson says:

    Thanks for working on the blog, Amelia….I enjoyed it very much and will check back now that I know there are postings.

  2. Owen Stump says:

    It was great getting to meet you two on the trail to Wind Lakes in the Selway Bitterroot this summer. I have pictures of Jamie and Chris buck sawing on the trail that I will send you later when I get them made. You made his day knowing one of his past students has such a passion for the wilderness. I think your maps are great for a novice like myself to be able to read topo maps easier. Enjoyed visiting with you around the fire and hearing about some of your experiences while you have been hiking for the maps. Especially the rattle snake under your tent. Yikes!!

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