North Half of the Selway Bitterroot: A New Map!

We are so excited to announce the release of our fifth map- The North Half of the Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness! This map straddles the Montana-Idaho border and covers well over half of the Selway Bitterroot Wilderness.  This is a spectacular area and we had some amazing experiences while we were out gathering data for this map. Grab a copy and head out there!

Included on the map:

  • Highway 12 from Lolo, Montana to Lowell, Idaho
  • Highway 93 from Lolo, Montana to the Lost Horse Road
  • The Bitterroot Range from Lolo Peak South to the Twin Lakes Trailhead and the Lost Horse area
  • Bitterroot Canyons between Hamilton and Lolo Including Blodgett and Kootenai Creeks
  • The Selway Road from Highway 12 in Lowell to Race Creek Trailhead
  • The Selway River from the Confluence with the Clearwater upstream to Moose Creek
  • Moose Creek Ranger Station
  • Elk Summit area
  • Jerry Johnson, Stanley and Weir hot springs
Map Sample
Area Covered
A hike down the Selway River trail #4 is not to be missed!

2 thoughts on “North Half of the Selway Bitterroot: A New Map!

  1. Lori Parr says:

    Hey! I LOVE these maps!
    I need one for the Salish mountain range: Chapaaq’n pk, Hewolf, 3Lakes /Magpie/Revais area up into HotSprings’ Baldy Mountain and north to Naiarada, over to Plains! When?! Thanks!

    • Jamie Robertson says:

      Hi Lori- We’re glad you like our maps! That is a great area but we don’t have any plans to make a map of that area. Your best bet for that area the Lolo National Forest maps.

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