Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex: South Half



  • South half of The Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex
    Entire Scapegoat Wilderness
    Seeley Lake area (east of highway 200)
    Rocky Mountain Front (near Augusta)
    Chinese Wall
    South Fork Flathead River- Youngs/Danaher confluence to Black Bear cabin


  • Waterproof, tear-resistant plastic
    Topographic / shaded relief
    Forested and non-forested areas
    GPS verified trail locations and mileages
    River mileages for South Fork Flathead River
    UTM and Lat/Long grids
    1:80,000 scale
    Contour interval: 100 feet


This map covers the South half of the complex from the Seeley/Swan valley on the West to the Rocky Mountain Front and Augusta on the East. During the summer and fall of 2010, we GPS’ed over 675 miles of trail to make the trail locations and mileages as accurate as possible. We hope you’ll find these additions useful on your next trip into the Bob. Third¬†Edition, printed in spring 2015.

Unfolded maps are available. Please contact us if you’re interested in purchasing an unfolded map.


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